Why talking to VC’s is like talking to a hot woman — & why you need to find a gay best friend.

Getting vc’s interested in what you’re working on is no easy feat. cold emails, cold calls & still not getting anywhere. Analogous to cat calling, unless you’re not a sight for sore eyes (which most early days startups are), it’s likely not going to get you anywhere.

Why is it like this? I think it may be an extension of biology. Humans tend to only use what they know & trust. Having some borderline autistic founder spamming your inbox won’t likely leave the best impression. So, how can you garner their attention with a pre-established ring of trust already built in?

The power of Introductions.

Imagine if you were going to a party & you brought your gay best friend. He’s very outgoing & social, he usually get’s the conversation started. Anywhere you go, you will be assimilated with him & his personality. He instantly becomes friends with many for the girls at the party & hypes you up. They ooze & drool over you. These girls are the investors & i’m not sure what you’d call your gay best friend in business terms, but you need to find him or her. They will stick their neck out for you so that you have the opportunity to thrive & provide so much value to you & what you’re building. Could be past founders who has made them money, it could be an influential person in whichever space you’re working in. introductions are super important, but even more important is where they come from. Choose wisely!




the universal gym membership

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the universal gym membership

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